SubjectPsychology, Social Sciences


Type of DegreeBSc

CostEUR 2,314

Cost non-EUEUR 9,500

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"It is generally a very good learning environment. Language has never been a problem at all with the lecturers. It is a pleasure to study with international students."

Ritwik Swain

Is this programme for you?

You are fascinated by people and their behaviour; you are interested in learning about the various theories explaining behaviour and you are a good listener. If you are a curious and analytical person and you like studying in groups, as well as on your own, then our BSc in Psychology is perfect for you.

Why is one person less likely to be overworked than other? What causes agoraphobia? Does your personality change as you get older? What happens in your brain when you use drugs or alcohol? Are you ready for the many challenges of studying behaviour, awareness and the brain? As a Psychology student, you will study the behaviour of people, their capabilities and their limitations.

Why study Psychology with the University of Groningen?

Our BSc in Psychology is a very broad and comprehensive programme that will give you the methodological and theoretical notions and skills essential for scientific research. You will be provided with the communicational and diagnostic skills necessary in your future career. You will get an in-depth understanding of the methodological and theoretical notions and skills essential for scientific research.

The classes are divided according to the spheres of action of a psychologist: work, organisational and personnel psychology, cognitive psychology, clinical (forensic) psychology and victimology, clinical neuropsychology, environmental psychology, talent development, traffic psychology and social behaviour. You will also reflect on psychology throughout the programme.

We offer individual mentoring. During the first year, students are taught in small classes of maximum 15 students. A senior student and an academic staff member will meet you weekly to help you throughout the first year.

How to apply

The minimum entry requirements for this programme are three A Levels.

The programme has a selection procedure in place. The application deadline is January 15. In March all applicants will take an online test, and the 650 best-performing students will be admitted into the programme.

Career opportunities

Clinical psychologist, social researcher, academic researcher, neuropsychologist, selection and recruitment psychologist.

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