Clinical Sciences (major Pedorthics and Footcare only)

SubjectHealth, Science


Type of DegreeBSc

CostAUD 22,880


Cost non-EUAUD 22,880

The Bachelor of Clinical Sciences has a strong clinical focus and provides students with a comprehensive grounding in biomedical science and health.

During the course, students gain the knowledge and skills required in a range of health-related areas. They can tailor their study program through the choice of majors to pursue specific career paths. The degree can also be completed without a major, providing the option of a general study program offering a wide range of elective units.

The course is also ideal as a first degree for those who wish to continue their health education with a graduate course in a professional field such as osteopathy (offered by SCU), nutrition and dietetics, physiotherapy and medicine.

Career opportunities

This course provides a pathway into graduate entry osteopathy, psychology and dietetics. It also prepares students for a variety of career directions in the health and education sectors, including at medical centres, health centres, pharmacies, resorts and retreats, in research, as natural health or nutrition consultants to the industry sector and within the media. The pedorthics and foot care double major may lead to a professional qualification as a pedorthist.

Professional recognition

For students interested in pursuing a career in osteopathy, five years of education and training is required (three-year Bachelor of Clinical Sciences majoring in Osteopathic Studies and Human Structure and Function; and a two-year Master of Osteopathic Medicine offered by Southern Cross University). In Australia, entry level training in osteopathic medicine is accredited by the Osteopathy Board of Australiaand this course pathway was granted full accreditation in 2012. Registration in Australia gives mobility across all states and territories and New Zealand.

The Human Nutrition major offers students the underpinning knowledge to work as nutritionists in non-clinical roles as well as to further their studies in postgraduate nutrition/dietetics. Graduates of this major may be eligible to apply as an Associate Nutritionist with the Nutrition Society of Australia. This course may also meet the requirements for entry to postgraduate study in nutrition and dietetics – interested students should seek further information from their chosen institution.

Students who wish to become pedorthists must complete the Pedorthic Studies and Foot Care double major. A pedorthist is a health care professional who specialises in the improvement of human movement, in particular gait and better foot function. A pedorthist conducts a comprehensive assessment which may lead to them manufacturing corrective footwear, orthoses or other supportive devices to address conditions which affect the feet and human mobility. The University is undertaking accreditation through the Australian Pedorthic Medical Grade Footwear Association. Once accredited, the degree will enable graduates to become members of the Association, to become certified pedorthists, and to practise as professional pedorthists in Australia.

Professional placement

Students who choose the osteopathic or pedorthic areas of study will have the opportunity to undertake a supervised professional placement. Professional placements provide students with experience in the practice of safe and effective manual therapy and the application of a wide range of treatments and management plans. Students have opportunities to work with a diverse range of patients in areas including rehabilitation, health promotion and illness prevention. Visit

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