Art History and Culture

SubjectArt History, Culture


Type of DegreeIstituto Marangoni Certificate

CostEUR 10,200


Cost non-EUEUR 12,300

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the course

The purpose of the three year course in Art History and Culture is to train the future cultural practitioners of art. Within the contemporary constellation of the art world today, there is a strong demand for art, theory and cultural experts who are able to make sense of the multitude of art practices and to translate them into a business activity. It could be for those intending to be, or who are artists or would like to write about art and unpack the cultural and social significance of contemporary art practice. It is a course that gives the studentsthe tools to help people to see what is around them in the complex visual world in which we live. The course will train participants toarticulate the languages and ideas of art andto communicate these to a knowledgeable artaudience as well as to the general public.


Students who successfully complete the programme in the Art History & Culture will be the cultural and creative thinkers of the future. Having acquired a deep cultural knowledge in addition to art research and writing skills, they will work in public museums, cultural foundations, art galleries, exhibitions and art publishing.

learning outcomes

  • gain a deep cultural understanding of a range of art forms, practices and cultural contexts; acquire and apply academic research and writing skills
  • demonstrate independent critical thinking
  • demonstrate an ability to generate, develop and sustain ideas from original concept to realised form(s)
  • an ability to produce self inititiated and indepedent projects

course themes


  • introduction to art system
  • introduction research and writing
  • personal research project
  • history of art


  • iconography
  • publishing for art
  • personal research project
  • history of art


  • luxury shoe exploration
  • researching theory and practice
  • final major project portfolio or final major project artefact realisation

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