Global Management - Management of Marine Environment

SubjectBiology, Science


Type of DegreeBBA

CostEUR 10,500


Cost non-EUEUR 10,500

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Life sciences are currently undergoing rapid development at a time when organisations, governments and companies are converting to sustainable development models. Their role for the future has never been so important.

In this major, Biology, you will be specialised in the marine environment: development biology, physiology, cell biology of marine creatures. It offers complete training in pure biology with specific courses in marine biology. From the beginning of the course, students take classes in oceanography, marine biology and ecology. These subjects are developed further in courses abroad where they apply their knowledge, studying in the field through courses on marine mammals, fish and algae. This major opens the way for students to become researchers or to find employment in the area of applied biology. Research has wide fields of application and may be directed towards particular species such as seahorses or whales, or a category of species such as zooplankton or mammals etc.

These in turn may be studied at cellular level (genetics etc.), at the level of organs (physiology), or of the creature as a whole (adaptability, development etc.) - Other areas of research deal with whole populations (reproduction, migration) or even ecosystems (the dynamics of coral reefs) or behaviour (ethology). Another possibility for employment lies in the area of aquaculture, tracking the growth and nutrition of different species. Further employment possibilities after this degree can be found in marine parks or museum management and in the fishing industry, oil companies or marine energy production companies.

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