Spatial Design

SubjectDesign, Arts


Type of DegreeBA

CostEUR 2,314

Cost non-EUEUR 8,255

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Cities, buildings, interiors. These have major influences on how we experience our world. In spatial design, we look at the urban environment and at indoor and outdoor spaces at small and large scale. It is a discipline in which cultural and artistic awareness, social engagement, economic responsibility and technical affinity come together creatively.

You learn to deal with complex tasks and situations that society faces. You learn to develop your own vision and to translate it into concrete design practice. The method of learning is through projects which cover current themes such as repurposing of buildings, sustainability and identity. In previous years, these themes included ‘quick-visit museums’, a flagship store for a new brand, a ‘long stay hotel’ in an industrial area of Rotterdam, a multi-cultural theatre in a church in Zuidwijk (Rotterdam), and an overhaul of empty buildings in the inner city of Rotterdam.

While working on design projects, you take practical classes on analysis; the application of materials; architecture; model (maquette) building techniques; draughtsmanship; software programmes; techniques for light, colour, texture; and presentation techniques; next to that you take subject related theory and history. And of course you can do an exchange abroad in for example Barcelona, Glasgow or Helsinki.

After completing the course, you can work as an interior designer, assistant architect, designer of interior or exterior objects, exhibition designer or spatial designer.

You could also further specialise to gain a Master Interior Architecture & Retail Design at WdKA’s Piet Zwart Institute, or at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design.

Creating Pioneers

Our successful Spatial Design alumni include: Tom van Odijk & David Baars (TomDavid Architecten); Dennis VedderEdwin van de Velde; the duo Daniëlle Linscheer & Joyce Brouwer (known from Hostel/Atelier Ani & Haakien); and Ashley Govers (From Form, founder and partner).


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