Forest Science and Management

SubjectEnvironment, Management


Type of DegreeBSc

CostAUD 24,720


Cost non-EUAUD 24,720

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Forest management is a science concerned with the nature of forest ecosystems and best management of these systems – not only for timber but for biodiversity conservation, protection of catchments, storage of carbon and other essential functions.

The Bachelor of Forest Science and Management has been designed in consultation with a range of forestry stakeholders to meet a shortage of degree-qualified foresters.

Forestry graduates develop skills and an understanding of the multi-faceted aspects of sustainable resource management. They have the opportunity to specialise in small or large-scale plantations, restoration forestry, provision of environmental services, wood utilisation, forest inventory and planning, and international forestry.

Changes in the industry drive a continuing demand for degreequalified foresters able to work in production, conservation and restoration forestry. Native forests continue to be important sources of high-value wood and require managers in public forest agencies and national parks where the focus is on fire management, weed and feral animal control and other important issues.

The course places an emphasis on field work and many trips to native and planted forest types. These provide an opportunity for students to learn key skills in forest science, in evaluating vegetation and planning management options. The Northern Rivers region offers a variety of accessible subtropical environments close to the Lismore campus.

Most lectures and tutorials are taught via online activities and video-linked or podcast virtual classes. The course includes compulsory residential teaching periods at Lismore campus that all students must attend.

Career opportunities

Forestry graduates are typically employed in the following fields: field forestry in plantation establishment and management; use of geographic information systems; natural resource management and environmental planning; native forest management, fire prevention and control; forest resource assessment; policy development; pest and disease management; agroforestry and farm forestry advisory services; forest growth modelling and yield prediction; protected area management; international forestry focused on developing countries, reserve management; and forestry research.

Professional recognition

Graduates are eligible for membership of the Institute of Foresters of Australia.

Professional placement

Students complete 16 weeks of practical workplace experience in a forestry-related area during their studies including in plantation and forested regions across Australia. Many students have found paid work experience through trainee positions with public or private forestry agencies.

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