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Graduates of the Bachelor of Business will have the knowledge and ability to work as specialist business professionals in varied and changing business environments. The degree offers diverse core units in first year before specialising, so that students have the flexibility to determine what business career they wish to pursue. The degree is designed to teach students the critical reasoning, communication and professional skills required in contemporary business settings. Students gain a broad understanding of business principles through the core units, and develop specialised skills in one or more business disciplines of their choice through the study of a single or double major.


Career Opportunities

Graduates typically work in the areas of accounting, advertising, banking, finance, human resource management, international business, investment, management, marketing, product management, and public relations.

Professional recognition

These majors are accredited by the following professional bodies:

Students who study these majors may apply for membership of the following professional bodies:

Professional placement

Students may choose to undertake a 260-hour internship with a business as an elective which, depending on the major chosen, may count as two units towards their degree.


Major areas of study

Students can study one major plus electives; two majors; or one double major. Majors and campus availabilities include:

  • Accounting (GC, L, CH, DE, SYD*)
  • Accounting and Advanced Accounting (double major) (DE)
  • Digital Marketing (GC, CH, DE)
  • Finance (GC, DE)
  • Human Resource Management (GC, DE)
  • Information Systems (GC, CH, DE, SYD*)
  • International Business (GC, DE)
  • Management (DE)
  • Marketing (GC, L, DE)
  • Marketing and Digital Marketing (double major) (GC, DE)

On-campus students can also study any Bachelor of Business major by distance education. Some units may only be available by distance education.

University-wide majors: A number of University-wide majors are also available, but some are not offered by distance education or available at each location.

*Sydney available to international students only.


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