Poitiers is a small cobblestone city in west-central France. A major university town, Poitiers has more students per inhabitant than any other city in France. More than 27,000 students go to universities in Poitiers every year, around 4,000 of which are international students. The city hosts the University of Poitiers, one of the oldest universities in France, two grand ecoles and two business schools. In 2001, Science Po, France’s leading university in Social Sciences, set up their “South America, Spain and Portugal” campus in Poitiers, attracting more international students to the city.

Old buildings in the city centre give you a medieval feel, while the Futuroscope Park is a celebration of contemporary architecture. Though living in a manageably sized city, you are close enough to France’s metropolitan centres including Paris and Bordeaux.

You can easily get to Poitiers from Paris by the TGV, and it should not take you more than one hour and a half. 

Universities in Poitiers

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