Enschede, with a population of 156,000, is located directly on the German border in the Twente region of the Netherlands.

The city is a former centre of textile production. When this industry left the area for cheaper production centres in South-East Asia, the local economy initially suffered. Since then modern shopping centres and department stores that until recently were only found in much larger cities have been opened.

Enschede is host to many yearly festivals and the Old Market Square is often the venue for events, live music and other activities on the weekend. Enschede is home to a vibrant artistic scene and the city's laid-back attitude and large numbers of students, artists and (semi-) government employees, makes it a great place to live.

Enschede is also home to FC Twente, the football team managed until recently by former England manager Steve McClaren. 

Many people in Enschede speak some German. So if you have even a basic knowledge of the German language you might find it easier to settle in here than in other cities.

For more information about Enschede please visit http://www.enschede.nl/en/welkom/

Universities in Enschede

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