International Business and Languages

SubjectBusiness, Languages


Type of DegreeBBA

CostEUR 2,060 2018/2019


More Information-

This programme takes four years to complete.

The International Business and Languages degree gives you the skills and knowledge to conduct business in several languages.

Upon graduating you will be able to work at an international company where you will be the linch pin between the company and its international environment.

The International Business and Languages programme at HZ is the only IBL programme in the Netherlands.

During your studies you will improve your language skills and knowledge of international business, which will fully equip you for a career in an international environment. Language and different cultures are at the very core of the IBL programme . You will choose at least three modern languages (French, German, Spanish or Dutch). 

You will also learn how to write a sound business plan, which will  focus on commercial feasibility, financial underpinning and personal planning. The ‘Student Company’ course unit will give you the practical tools you need to run a real company with your fellow students for the duration of one year. Students undertake a five-month minor in year 3 at a partner institute abroad. There are also two five-month internships aimed at testing students’ theoretical knowledge and skills in the workplace.

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